Mounted Offset Disc Harrow



Mounted offset disc harrow 

This is specially designed for heavy crop residue cutting through stubble. ft is suitable for levelling hard soil and also satisfies secondary operation requirements in deep tillage. The compact unit is easily attachable. And this makes it easy to manoeuvre into corners or small plots.



1) Suitable for working in small farms and comers of the farm.

2) Spring loaded head stock brace ensures flexibility of the equipment over  uneven ground .

3) Notched disc enables deeper tillage operations.

4) Available in combination of plain and notched discs (Option of all plain discs also available).


Specifications:  Model

Parameter                                                MDH 1222             MDH 1422

Overall length (mm)                                2000                        2045

Overall width (mm)                                1480                        1753

Overall height (mm)                                1235                        1314

Working width (mm)                              1420                        1575

Number of discs                       12                            14

Diameter of disc (mm)             559                          559

Total weight (kg)                       375                          400

image image image image image
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