Front End Dozer



> Land Leveling

> Baggasse Handling

> Garbage Clearing

> Trench Filling, etc.



Mesh provided on the blade

specially for baggase / garbage handling.




DZ 60


DZ 50

(:For 45 HP & 50 HP )

Blade Size

2400 mm * 650 mm

2100 mm * 650 mm

Ground Clearance

640 mm

640 mm

Cutting Depth

165 mm

165 mm





Sturdily mounted on load bearing

components of the tractor with

two double acting cylinders

Proper distribution of load on front & rear axles

Avoids undue twisting forces on the tractor

More sturdy than single cylinder . Lesser wear & tear of tyres

Direction Control Valve with in - built

relief valve

Saves tractor hydraulic system from overloading

& protects it from major, costly failures

Easy operation

Fabricated out of prime quality steel

Sturdy cross sections

High strength and hence longer life of the dozer

Designed for quick & easy.

detachment of dozer from the tractor

Saves time ( takes less than half an hour to

attach or detach)

Hardened pivoting pins lubricated with

bronze bushes

Low maintenance cost and longer life of the pins

Hardened individually replaceable

twin cutting edges

Low replacement cost of cutting edges

Routine maintenance points of the

tractor are easily accessible

Easy and time saving maintenance operation



image image image image image
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